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Online Windows Azure Diagnostics

CodeProject Azure Diagnostics is extremely powerful when setup correctly and being fully utilised. That said, quite a bit of burden is still left with us developers to pull out the juicy bits and present that as information that can potentially be consumed and mean something to the other, often not quite so technical, stake holders. Maybe more importantly from a developer standpoint is being able to fault find a collection of services when something does go wrong or is about to go wrong.  A useful tool which I have used with Windows Azure and comes in very handy for diagnosing and monitoring is  Stackify . It is online which immediately gets a thumbs up from me but the good part is that it supports all the Azure Diagnostics in near to  real time . You can see below that it is showing some useful stats from some Web and Worker roles.  There are a number of different views that can be selected such as the one shown below. Going beyond the stats which