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Azure Portal - Web-based code editor for App Services

A feature that caught my eye is the App Service Editor , a preview addition to the  Development Tools  section of the navigation bar of your app in the Azure Portal. ☁ In essence it is a  web-based editor for App Service. That's right, you can edit and save your web site LIVE with a clean, easy to use, web editor! We have already come to love the Visual Studio Team Services code editor, which allows code and config edits pre-deployment but this feature is production level, post deploy / release. Cannot stress how useful this is for quick fixes and post deployment edits which would otherwise mean re-deploying or falling back to FTP. Project  Kudu  has been around for a while now but great to see it appearing as a first class citizen in the portal. The underlying functionality is provided by the  Monaco Editor , which powers Visual Studio Code . It is worth noting that if Continuous Integration (CI) has been enabled for your application, that the next build will overwr